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ShidoshiWelcome to my website, my name is Shidoshi (TJ) Gjertson.  My career in martial arts started at the age of 10.

I was taught by Sifu Wood who taught a Northern Shaolin Kung Fu system during which time I wrestled for the State of Alaska.  I have been involved in the Martial Arts community for over 34 years, I have studied forms such as weapons, traditional exercising, calligraphy, Taoism, Philosophy, Chi Gung breathing exercises and herbology. In 1984 I was offered to try out for the Olympic boxing team, by Mr. Wolf.  I come from a long generation of boxers, my father was known as "Smokey-o-day".  I crossed trained in taekwondo and American Goju-ryu along with tai-fighting.

At the Red Dragon Martial Arts Academy I have designed a program from my past experiences to form a clean, straight forward approach to self-defense and a way of life. Using both my real life experiences, my system works directly with real-life situations, that you may come across in today's fast paced society.  Some of the specific areas of interest are self-defense techniques, kung fu, boxing, meditation, and weapons training.

Most recently I have worked with the Alaska Police Department SERT
(Special Emergency Response Team).

From the beginning of my training, I have always believed that Martial Arts is a way of Life, not only to be practiced a few days a week, but a code to live by.  My belief in both training and mediation has kept me on the right path, both physically and mentally.

"Knowing Others is Wisdom"
"Knowing Thyself is Enlightenment"

The RED DRAGON ACADEMY was founded and is based on these principals.

At Red Dragon Martial Arts Academy, we believe strongly in the many benefits of proper martial arts training for youth and adults, such as physical fitness, self-confidence, character development, self-discipline, and a positive self-image.

Instructional rates at Red Dragon Martial Arts Academy are donation-based, and vary for each student, depending on their income level. A typical $50.00/month donation is always appreciated, but we realize that is more than some students can afford to pay, and we don't turn away any student based on income. There are always things to be done around the Dojo, such as raking leaves, light cleaning, maintenance, etc., and some of our students help out with these chores in lieu of, or in addition to, a monetary donation. We invite you to come visit our Dojo, get to know us, and consider becoming a member.


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